HAL - the Handy Access Launcher

HAL is a scheduling tool for MS-Access developers. It lets you schedule database compactions, repairs and macro runs and, unlike (say) Windows Task Scheduler, it lets you do this on secured databases without compromising your account security. HAL definitely supports Access versions 2 - 2002 and should be okay for higher versions too. Don't be put off by the file size - HAL is tiny (around 92KB) but the download includes VB run-time files. I've finally got around to documenting it better too, plus HAL now supports recurring tasks!

HAL received a glowing review from Inside Access magazine (Volume 10, Number 5 - May 2002), and was featured on the August 2004 cover disk of the Microsoft-affiliated Windows XP magazine.

Sorry to say that HAL is no longer freeware - it costs just £5 GBP per user license (currency converter), which I hope you'll find very cheap. Download the demo from the link below - this is fully featured except that it doesn't allow you to open existing schedule files or save new ones. This should be enough for you to create a schedule, as complex or as simple as you like, and to prove to yourself that HAL works in the way you want.

To then register, either follow the 'Register' menu option from within HAL or click on the PayPal link below. I use PayPal as it provides a fast and secure means of handling money. It's important that you use your genuine e-mail address for the transaction, as I will e-mail your HAL registration in the form of a Registry file. To complete the registration, all you have to do is run the Registry file.

Click here to begin download of v7 (0.97MB) - you'll need unzipping software for this download, such as WinZip or 7-Zip.

How to register HAL:

  1. Click the PayPal logo below, or the Register menu option within HAL, to pay the tiny fee.
  2. I'll e-mail your registration as a Registry file (but saved as a Text file to avoid it being blocking by anti-virus software) within 21 days of receipt of payment.
  3. Save and run the Registry file.

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