DBPC - for A95/A97 db-level passwords

Ever forgotten the database-level password of your db? Annoying, isn't it? Almost as annoying as discovering that some so-called consultants make money charging you to recover the password! DBPC saves you this money, for Jet 3.x/3.5x databases at least. It works on the basis that, in these versions, the database-level password is always stored in the same place in the file header and encrypted with the same algorithm. A serious flaw, I'm sure you'll agree, and one that has been corrected in Jet 4. Anyway, this little tool reads the database header and decrypts the database-level password for you. It's a tiny little program - the download is only big because it includes the VB6 run-time library. Oh yes, and it's freeware too, so you can stop worrying about paying consultants fees for this kind of work...

NB1: you should also be aware that this doesn't decrypt user-level passwords. I used to offer a cheap password recovery service for this, but no-one ever used it, so you're on your own there now.

NB2: please bear in mind that malicious use of this utility to gain unauthorised access to a database may be unlawful and/or lead to some form of disciplinary action against you.

Click here to begin download (41KB) - you'll need unzipping software for this download, such as WinZip or 7-Zip.

DBPC is free but if you find it useful, or it gets you out of a hole, why not consider a donation...?

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